Our Commercial work

We are heavily involved with heating and cooling large properties, such as business buildings, restaurants, rental properties, hospitals, schools, and more. Because of the scale, commercial HVAC immensley differs from its residential counterpart in terms of size, capacity, and operational complexity.

Planned and Preventative Maintenance

Primary Maintenance

SFMS will perform factory recommended maintenance tasks for your buildings mechanical equipment on a regular quarterly schedule of your specified contract. This will include Comprehensive inspections, Premium Air Filter Replacments,and general examination and cleaning. 

Full Maintenance (Boiler insurance):

Select Maintenance/ Comprehensive Inspection. 

SFMS will secure insurance policy and follow up on existing equipment, follow insurer recommended maintenance. 

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With any Service or Maintenance, you will receive a Common Courtesy Check. We will explain any findings amongst your system to keep your building cool and your HVAC system in good working condition.

Build outs and Tenant Improvement

Improving and maintaining your commercial property can be overwhelming. But it’s important because it helps your tenants feel comfortable. In addition, it helps them be productive.
Whether you’re having new construction done or are working on a renovation of your existing space, careful planning is necessary to ensure that all elements of the project fit together properly. This is perhaps even more important when installing or renovating a commercial HVAC system. Errors in planning could mean last-minute revisions to current blueprints, expensive corrections to HVAC systems that have already been installed, or in the worse cases, a commercial HVAC system that won’t work properly and must be taken out and completely revised and reinstalled.
Whether you have a large office building or a small retail space, your HVAC system is crucial.

New Construction

Retrofit and Direct Replacements

Many owners of restaurants, retail stores, office buildings and supermarkets are facing a significant choice today when it comes to their HVAC systems. Is it more cost-effective to do an HVAC retrofit on your aging, inefficient system to get it back into prime operating condition or should you replace it with a brand new high-efficiency unit? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to the HVAC retrofit question nor is there a one-size-fits-all solution.
Each business owner must make his or her own decision based on the unique characteristics of their business, their HVAC equipment and their finances. Fortunately, SFMS can provide information and expertise to help guide that decision-making process. By objectively outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each option for the individual business owner, SFMS can present an unbiased analysis that will recommend the choice that offers the greatest benefit to your particular business. In some cases, a choice may not exist since retrofits can only be performed on specific types of HVAC equipment; in other cases, the equipment may be so old that replacement parts are no longer available.
South Florida Mechanical Service’s energy efficiency consultants can determine if your equipment is capable of being retrofitted and, if so, can help you decide if retrofitting is the better choice.

Residential Replacement

Often times residential equipment direct replacement can be quoted without a sight visit. Below you can upload a photo of both, your indoor Air Handler and your outdoor condensing unit. Then provide us with the unit’s serial numbers, model numbers, and your contact information, and we will contact you with a quote! 

We will contact you

    Residential Service Contract

    SFMS offers Residential Service contracts per 5 ton unit. 

    Our team will assess your current system and recommend new options, if needed, that fit your budget and comfort preferences twice, yearly. 

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